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Blue Planet is a pan-Asian company driving regional sustainability through technology driven and IP based end to end solutions, for waste management and up-cycling. Blue Planet aim to become an industry leader in sustainable and socially inclusive end-to-end environmental solutions. Blue Planet Environmental Solutions (BPES) is a Private Limited headquartered in Singapore that is fully regulated by Singaporean corporate law and codes of practice.

Quinnovations is the parent company for several other businesses. Together we seek to solve international problems through engineering, technology, research and development. Our mantra is innovate, inspire and improve.   https://quinnovations.co.uk/ 

Blockwalls is the highest safest strongest interlocking wall solution globally.  We can build twice as high with our patented R wall solution meaning it cant fall over.  The product is currently 87% recycled material and aim to have 100% by 2021. See https://www.blockwalls.co.uk/ & https://blockwalls.org/ for more information and case studies on some of the UKs most prestigious developments in construction waste management and flood protection. 

EV Range Extender Ltd main goal is to cure range anxiety for electric vehicle owners. The Company has developed a very small rotary engine which, when combined with an alternator, converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. This allows for the re-charging of in-car batteries in electric vehicles while in motion. The combined gen-set is up to a third smaller than if a standard combustion engine had been used. The RangeX gen-set is designed to automatically start once the vehicle’s on-board battery power reserve falls below a designated level. The ability to charge batteries while in transit gives drivers extended driving distances. https://evrangex.com/

EncapsUwaste UK has developed a novel technology looking to combat the concerns of the disposal of hazardous waste paint. Disposal of waste paint is a significant issue because of the potential release of heavy metal contaminants and the consequent impact on human health and the environment. EncapsUwaste UK seeks to reduce the leachable fraction of the harmful and toxic compounds found in paint waste using a novel ultrasonic micro-encapsulation process.    https://encapsuwaste.co.uk/

Hygienic Innovations are behind Sonox, an exciting innovation which enables a quick and hygienic clean of a range of items without using bacteria carrying cloths of chemicals. The product has a wide range of sectors, including catering, on beer taps, thermometers, medical equipment and so much more! The uses are expansive, extensive and powerful. That’s Sonox. https://mysonox.com/